Micro Mini – Video #2

Pamela looks sensational as she dances outdoors wearing a cute little pink micro mini skirt with attached polka dot pink thong and a delightful matching bikini top.


Date Added : December 5, 2016


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One Response to “Micro Mini – Video #2”

  1. February 9, 2017 5:38 pm

    I hope there is enough room for my commentary 😛 I had to think a day if I would join pretty Pamela but I am so happy that I did! This girl is awesome! She looks and dances like Dulce and Emily combined in one pretty lady! In particular the part shat starts at 1:55. She walks in a very stylish way and has awesome legs. And from 3:00 you really see how beautiful and pretty she is! I enjoyed every second of this performance. Very happy that I joined!