PrettyPamela Is Open!

Welcome to PrettyPamela’s site!  Automatic unlocks to PrettyPamela’s bonus levels will work the same as with our other sites.  Getting a bundle discount on only works if you signup to all 5 of our websites at once.  In that case there is a 30% discount.

Current Subscriptions: Just like with Sofia and Ximena website’s launch, if you already have current subscriptions and wish to add PrettyPamela, just signup to all the sites you wish to be signed up for (using your same account), you’ll notice you’ll receive a pro-rated price based on the subscriptions you already have and how many days you have left of those subscriptions.  For example, if you already have a current subscription with TBF, YFM and Sofia, and want to add PrettyPamela, signup to a new subscription with TBF, YFM, Sofia and Pamela selected, then make sure to CANCEL your old subscription with only TBF, YFM and Sofia.

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